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About Us

ReSource International proposes an innovative approach in environmental expertise and residual resource management. The company integrates in one business, environmental engineering consulting, residual resources trading, environmental consulting and operation and maintenance of environmental facilities.

Our services are intended for companies, municipalities or agrosector farmers that are in need for expertise in environmental engineering and residual resource trading. All of these potential customers will benefits from improved operation towards economic and environmental goals and improved use of their residual resources.

ReSource International is a company domiciled in Iceland with an international background and activities. One of the assets is the adaptability between markets and cultures. The company wishes to develop even more this image of specialized company with international input in the future.

Our vision

We believe that Industrial and agricultural fields need to face actual and future environmental challenges (resource depletion, energy consumption, GHG emissions control, etc). An holistic and innovative view brings stronger and more sustainable growth for businesses. Complying with environmental regulations should be taken as an opportunity to be more competitive and more resilient on the market.

Our mission

ReSource Internationals mission is to provide integrated services for residual resources management that include, engineering services, trading and operational services. By demonstrating to industries and municipalities our know-how in creating values and savings in residual resources management, we will establish and develop more businesses.  In addition, we aim to show customers a positive sight about residual resources management and positive environmental strategy to develop new kind of business.