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Engineering and environmental consulting

We offer engineering and consulting services in fields related to the Environment. We bring engineering and specialized knowledge on the main issues such as use of resources, energy and environmental impacts. We bring tools for decisions makers and developers in order to lead towards more benefits both for the company and the environment. We believe that holistic and innovative view brings stronger and more sustainable growth for businesses. Complying with environmental regulations should be taken as an opportunity for businesses to evolve and propose new approaches in their know-how and increase their competitiveness.

Below are examples of what we can offer.

  • Environmental management
  • Design and layout for biogas, biodiesel, wastewater treatment, composting facilities,etc
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • GHG emissions inventory / Life Cycle Analysis
  • Energy consumption
  • Optimization of existing processes for resource and cost efficiency (energy recovery, process mapping, mass and energy balance, etc)
  • Reuse and recycling
  • etc.