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New tool for environmental surveying

Technology is bringing constantly new ways of monitoring our environment and help human activities to get more efficient and precise. If you haven´t visit our page for special environmental surveying you can have a look here.

In addition of our regular drone surveying that allows us to get precise 2D and 3D mapping of land and industrial sites, ReSource International is starting to use infrared camera (NDVI) in order to evaluate health of vegetation. Using infrared cameras and with special image processing, it is possible to evaluate quantitatively  for a site where the vegetation growth is the happening or not.

Applications for this type of surveying are wide. NDVI mapping can be use for agriculture, land conservation, gold course, landscaping, etc. One of our main wish is to use this technology in order to assess tourism impact on the ground for touristic sites using in parallel the classical aerial mapping and analyzing land deterioration.

Below is an example of regular aerial mapping, and two sorts of image treatment for NDVI mapping for the same area.

Regular mapping:

RGB Example

NDVI : Black is not vegetation at all. Red is growing vegetation. Green and yellow is low vegetation.

Cropped Color Index -1

NDVI 2 : Red is not vegetation at all or little growth. Green and yellow is vegetation.

NDVI example

In both NDVI pictures it is possible to see clearly where people have been walking on the vegetation and therefore spot possible improvements. If you are interested in more environmental surveying check our dedicated page or contact us.



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