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Student projects

Below is a list of few students projects available with their description. You can also contact us in order to know if more projects are available or if you would like to propose a project in relation with our activities.

Drone technology for environmental engineering

ReSource wishes to develop drone technology for environmental engineering. The applications developed for drones could be measurement of air quality, aerial photography and impact assessments of human activities, mapping of environmental parameters, heat imagery for energy loss in hot water network, etc.

Methane Recovery from Álfsnes landfill

The project will focus on the generation of landfill gas and the efficiency of the collection system. Monthly data collected by the company ReSource will be studied in order to determine critical parameters of the operation. The project will include mechanical and biological approach as well as optimization of the collection system. Possibly fits two students with different background (Mechanical, Biology, Chemistry).

Landfill gas collection – Monitoring tool

ReSource wishes to develop a web-based monitoring tool for landfill gas collection. The tool should be able to receive monthly measurements into a database, treat and display data from the field over time. Another part of the tool could include maintenance tasks scheduling and optimize operation of the landfill gas collection. Only IT background needed with specialization on web development.

Small-scale biogas upgrading

The project aims at the development of a small-scale biogas upgrading plant. The system is based the CO2 absorption by amine solution (MEA). It is possible to use the same system for recovery of CO2 from geothermal boreholes and the production of clean CO2 for greenhouse farmers as well. The project fits mechanical and chemical engineering students.

Plastic pyrolysis for fuel production

The project fits mechanical and chemical engineering students.

Biomethane potential (BMP) test of fish oil by-products

The project consists of testings BMP of fish oil by-products and in co-digestion with manure. The project includes literature review, substrate analysis, batch test and continuous run of lab anaerobic digesters. Perfect for a special course project or a thesis project (6-12 months).

Other projects

If you have other projects related to environmental matters please contact us to discuss your idea and see how we can collaborate.