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Supply and logistics

ReSource International’s ambition is to help producers of by-products to value their residual resources. Our partnership with MBP (Modern By-Products) Group open our customers great opportunities in order to increase added-value on their by-product at international level. Trading of residual resources into niche markets can be used in animal feed, bioenergy substrates and agricultural fertilizers.

By offering pro-active approach, ReSource can help producers to generate additional revenues and much improved documentation of by-products, environmental impact, green footprint, etc. The approach is based on the development of new resource streams through the collection of the by-products, the marketing and the delivery of the products to the optimal end users. We rely on our technical and legal knowledge about by-products and local and international markets.

More than only creating new trading opportunities, the company also develop logistics and customs clearance services where needed for business. It is possible to optimize costs of transportation of traded resources and increase flexibility in delivery time and place. The ultimate goal is to control the complete value chain of the residual resource. Our partnership with the group Modern By-Products (MBP) offers us worldwide market opportunities to insure that the best value and convenience for your by-product is found.